A classic strollers with a soft suspension ensures a comfortable rocking motion. That is irreplaceable – especially in the first year of a child’s life – rocking.

We know how important for normal development of man is calm early childhood. Therefore Navington strollers based on the classic design, proven and appreciated by our mothers and grandmothers. Classic strollers is a term referring not only to the timeless design, but also to the classic stroller design that provides the key to comfort rocking. Classics are equipped with wishbone suspension, rocking the baby means it feels as if it is in the mother’s womb so that calms it down.

Serwis i gwarancja

Navington is a brand entirely subordinate comfort the child and the parent.

Navington ensures that the unique product which you buy is trustworthy.

The warranty period depends on the product:
Frames Caravel, Galeon, Corvet – 36 months
Seat unit – 24 months
Stroller Scooner, carrycot, Dock – 12 months
Accessories – 6 months

Quality and Safety


Quality and safety

Navington’s prams hold TÜV certificate, awarded by the international TÜV Rheinland Group, which has been conducting the research and certification of goods in terms of safety, functionality, convenience, usefulness and durability. The prams are compliant with the European safety standard EN 1888, which defines the uniform technical safety requirements and audit procedure for prams throughout Europe. Each certified good receives the sign confirming its audited properties.

Strollers are made
of safe fabrics. They hold certificates
aknowledging its safety
and anti alergic properties.

The pram’s components are washable and thanks to that stay fresh. (Washing instructions on the product). All the components that children are in contact with are made of cotton or cotton blend, and are delicate and nice in touch.
Textiles used in our prams:
– do not contain harmful phthalates and formaldehydes,
– have been tested for content of heavy metals,
– are impregnated.

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It is said that in fashion
everything has been already
and each season we return
to the style of previous decades.

We are a family business. Four generations of testing, designing and manufacturing strollers and accessories for children. The knowledge and experience gained from 50 years of the last century are transformed and creatively combined with the latest technologies and materials. In this way Navington, the brand of uncompromising quality, completely lends itself to comfort of the child and parent.

Here’s what about the new collection
has to say the designer,
Ewa Machura:

„Designing the new collection is always a journey into the unknown. The difficulty is to predict what will be liked for several months, and following 2 years. Therefore, when designing a new collection I wanted to reach for solutions timeless and elegant, hence the inspiration hand-sewn men’s suits. A hint of retro? Navington brand has always been a bit retro, due to the classic schape. The fact is that great fit into the most popular in contemporary design trend is in part a happy coincidence, and partly a conscious decision that we have made creating Navington collection: reach for the best, proven solutions. And we have nothing to draw with, because in our company we develope children’s products from four generations.”


We have expanded our Navington Heritage collection by one of our first models of baby prams – Contessa – designed almost 50 years ago. However, its retro design shall not mislead you, as all the materials and technologies used by us constitute the newest solutions verified in terms of safety.

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