It is said that in fashion
everything has been already
and each season we return
to the style of previous decades.

We are a family business. Four generations of testing, designing and manufacturing strollers and accessories for children. The knowledge and experience gained from 50 years of the last century are transformed and creatively combined with the latest technologies and materials. In this way Navington, the brand of uncompromising quality, completely lends itself to comfort of the child and parent.

Here’s what about the new collection
has to say the designer,
Ewa Machura:

„Designing the new collection is always a journey into the unknown. The difficulty is to predict what will be liked for several months, and following 2 years. Therefore, when designing a new collection I wanted to reach for solutions timeless and elegant, hence the inspiration hand-sewn men’s suits. A hint of retro? Navington brand has always been a bit retro, due to the classic schape. The fact is that great fit into the most popular in contemporary design trend is in part a happy coincidence, and partly a conscious decision that we have made creating Navington collection: reach for the best, proven solutions. And we have nothing to draw with, because in our company we develope children’s products from four generations.”


We have expanded our Navington Heritage collection by one of our first models of baby prams – Contessa – designed almost 50 years ago. However, its retro design shall not mislead you, as all the materials and technologies used by us constitute the newest solutions verified in terms of safety.