Brand Navington was designed for parents,
for which the development of the child is the most important.

For those wishing to give their child a childhood of comfort and the best possible start into adulthood. We know that the beginning of life is crucial for health and development, which is why our prams and push-chairs offer proven solutions guaranteeing child protection and safety. Our experience is extensive – although Navington itself is a relatively young brand, our company has been manufacturing prams and push-chairs for more than five decades. Such experience gives us a unique perspective showing us which solutions actually work and what is of key importance in developing products for different users, with different sizes, for instance. This is why we appreciate classic and timeless design and our products are made with care owing to which they can be used for more than one child. Therefore, Navington is a brand for parents who appreciate traditional values, top quality, and who know what is good for them.

Navington is the result of more than
50 years of experience in creating
strollers for children.

“We are a family business. Four generations
of testing, designing and manufacturing strollers and accessories for children. The knowledge and experience gained from 50 years of the last
century are transformed and creatively combined with the latest technologies and materials. In this way Navington, the brand of uncompromising quality,
completely lends itself to comfort of the child and parent”

Piotr Machura
Deltim Owner